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Ensuring families remain at the heart of quality mental health service delivery

Within this site you will find useful information and resources if you are a person living with mental health issues, a carer, family member, friend, mental health professional or commissioner.

The Meriden Family Programme

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  1. centre for mental health

    The Centre for Mental Health has worked with NHS colleagues to build a model based on the best available evidence to forecast how many people may need mental health support as a result of the pandemic.  This model estimates services for England will need a combined capacity for over 10 million additional people (10.08m). The […]

  2. October 10th 2020

     During this online event, hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on World Mental Health day; you could: learn how the WHO is helping to improve the mental health of people worldwide hear from national and international leaders about why they are making mental health a priority discover internationally-renowned artists who have become mental health […]

  3. Feedback from Facilitators & Families about Online Caring for Carers Experience By Dani Himmelman Coordinator Families Matter In Mental Health Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia   Two online programs were delivered in Nova Scotia, Canada, between May and July 2020: The Covid-19 outbreak has prevented in-person Caring for Carers programs (known in Nova Scotia as […]

Recovery for Carers

Recovery for carers, family and friends is as vital, for their own health and wellbeing, as the recovery of the person with mental health issues.

The recovery for carers, family and friends pages offer a wealth of support, advice, information and research evidence.

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