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Recovery for carers

Welcome to the ‘Recovery for Carers, Families and Friends’ section of the Meriden Family Programme website. Our programme aims to help people with mental health problems, and those who care about them, live with them or support them. We do this in a number of ways:

  • advising organisations to think of the needs of the service user’s social network
  • providing staff training
  • direct work with families.

We know how families, friends and carers may struggle to find information and to know what to do to help the person experiencing mental health difficulties. These situations can be distressing, stressful and sometimes traumatic.

We are also very aware that family members and friends often neglect their own needs – possibly resulting in their own health being affected.

From our research on family members’ own recovery, the need for material and guidance was clear. We wanted to offer support to anyone coping with the mental health issues of a loved one, and thought it would be helpful to gather information together in one place where it would be easy to find.

That is how the idea of this section on the website came about, and we hope you will find it helpful. If you know of other things that would be useful to add, please contact us.

Who is this website for?

The team of the Meriden Family Programme hope that the information within this Carers Recovery website will be of interest to a very wide range of people. It contains a wealth of information, advice and support that we believe will be particularly helpful to all carers, family and friends of people affected by mental health issues.

Many people who support a family member or friend do not see themselves as carers – but you may be able to access more help and support if you are. Are you a carer?

This website should also be helpful to all professionals who work with carers and families. This applies to both specialist carer workers, and to health and care professionals who support people who access mental health services and also receive support from a carer, friend or family member.

There is also information here which will be of interest to those who work in research and academic areas or who are involved in developing strategies related to carers, within local authorities, health services or other organisations which may have contact with carers.




Grateful thanks to Caring Minds, the charitable trust of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust for funding the development of this website material, and to Michele Gladden, Carer, for the layout, preparation and development of all the material.

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