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The Transcultural Family Work Forum

The Transcultural Family Work Forum (previously the Meriden Cultural Diversity Special Interest Group) is a bi-monthly meeting for those wishing to highlight and work on the issues relating to those Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) families who have experience of mental health problems.
The Forum aims to ensure that BME families are acknowledged and 'visible' within mental health services. It recognises the diversity of families and aims to promote equal access to those interventions that ensure families are informed, supported and included. The forum is also open to those carers and workers who have attended the BME Caring for Carers programme and deliver psychoeducational carer education and support groups. As such, the group has close links with the Carers in Partnership ( BME sub-group.

The forum is currently well attended, with representation from a number of the Trusts across the West Midlands, the voluntary sector and carers. The group would welcome further representation from others who share an interest in this area.

The role and purpose of the forum has been summarised within its mission statement. This refers to the group's function in terms of networking, resource provision, training and service development.

In addition, the group has been influential in terms of the Meriden Conferences which focus on Cultural Diversity. These events have been hugely successful and oversubscribed on each occasion. There have been 3 events to date and a further is planned for 2009.
For further information on the work of the forum, please contact Paula Conneely, Clinical Specialist at

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