Workstreams: Older Adults

The Meriden Programme Older Adults Special Interest Group

The group was set up in November 2005 in order to explore the experiences of people who have relatives in contact with older adults mental health services. It is recognised that there are specific issues relating to this group of people and that there is work to be done to try to ensure that they receive the services they require to be effectively supported and involved.

The special interest group is open to anyone with an interest in this area and has been attended by clinicians from across the West Midlands, staff from Universities, staff from voluntary agencies and carers.

The group’s aims are to explore good practice in this area and to develop the use of family work in older adults’ services. Through the work of the group, it was anticipated that training requirements would be identified. Clinicians have used the BFT model of family work across the West Midlands, though there was a belief that there were specific factors that needed to be taken into account when working in older adults services. This was particularly the case with a diagnosis of dementia.

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