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This page contains information, and where possible, direct links to research and development items relating to Family Work and carers issues. Many thanks to those who have contributed.

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Research and Resources

Trainers Audit
The following report documents the results of an audit that was conducted in 2001 to explore the experiences of 42 Meriden trainers. The areas examined included motivations, frustrations, support and the benefits of trying to implement family work and sustain the momentum in their own services. They outline what helped them to remain involved in this type of work.

Carer Surveys
The table chronologically documents various surveys that have been or are currently being conducted with regard to carers’ experiences. For more information about each survey, please click on the links provided.

Irish mental health in Birmingham: what is appropriate & culturally-competent primary care?
A research project undertaken by Birmingham City University (BCU) Centre for Community Mental Health. Members of the Meriden Programme contributed to the Project Team.

Accredited Training in Psychosocial Interventions for Psychosis: A National Survey
The NIMHE National PSI Implementation Workgroup conducted a survey of university accredited PSI education/training in January 2006. The findings of the survey are outlined in the report. Implications for the dissemination of PSI are considered and a series of recommendations presented.

Training in Psychosocial Interventions within Early Intervention Teams: A National Survey
Early intervention is currently the top government mental health priority. Furthermore the provision of psychosocial interventions is one of the defining qualities of a modern EI service. This makes this review of training for PSI timely and its messages particularly important for those involved in developing the mental health workforce.

Measured Success
A NIMHE scoping review of evaluated psychosocial interventions training for work with people with serious mental health problems.

Scoping Exercise To Inform The Development Of A National Mental Health Carer Support Curriculum
This report outlines the results of a scoping exercise funded by the Department of Health to inform the development of a national curriculum and training modules for mental health professionals to improve the support provided to mental health carers.

Economic Modelling and Early Intervention in Psychosis in England
The Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP) were delighted to welcome over 30 delegates to this, its second Early Intervention Service (EIS)
research-policy-practice national seminar in December 2007. This report documents and discusses developments in important research into the cost impact of Early Intervention Services.



Froggatt, D, Fadden, G, Johnson, D.L, Leggatt, M. & Shankar, R. (2007) Families as Partners in Mental Health Care: A Guidebook for Implementing Family Work. Toronto: World Fellowship for Schizophrenia.

International Conference

In March of 2007, the Meriden Programme held its 3rd international conference “Working with Families: Developing Partnerships”. A full list of presentations, paper and workshops can be found below, together with the 2 day programme and speaker biographies.

Programme (PDF file, 651KB)

Presentations: Day 1

Main Room



Presentations: Day 2

Main Room





Download biographies of the speakers (MS Word file, 104KB)

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Our workshop allocation has dates and further details of the various workshops.

Information specific to each workshop is below.

Paper Presentations
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