10th Anniversary Celebrations


Delegates (left to right, upper row to lower row) Photo
Presentation by Dr Grainne Fadden, Meriden Programme Director
Address by The Mayor of Solihull
Presentation by Karen Martin, Deputy Chief Executive, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust
Presentation by Martin Atchison, Deputy Programme Director, Meriden Programme
Presentation by Julian Pitt, Cwm Taf NHS Trust, Wales
The 10th Anniversary Toast, Dr Colin Campbell, Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust
Presentation by Paula Conneely, Clinical Specialist, Meriden Programme
Presentation by Peter Woodhams, Carer Consultant
Nancy Falloon (with Ian Falloons photograph in background)
Presentation by Dr Grainne Fadden

Informal photographs

Delegates (left to right, upper row to lower row) Photo
Loris Tapper (Michelle Palmer, Becky Heelis, Steven Cox, Marie Crofts, Lynne Roberts, Julian Pitt)
Louisa Alderson, Catherine Gamble, Pauline Arksey
Peter Woodhams (Loris Tapper, Grainne Fadden, Karen Martin)
Marie Crofts (Steven Cox, Loris Tapper)
Lynne Roberts, Julian Pitt
Alistair McIntyre, Ranjit Senghera
Dave Simpson (Worcestershire table)
Rebecca Falloon
Radha Bisnauth
The Lady Mayoress of Solihull, The Mayor of Solihull
Kim Bowen-Jones, Cornwall
Ros Keeton, Pete Jordan
Becky Heelis, Steven Cox, Julian Pitt
Alison Corns, Becky Heelis, Steven Cox, Julian Pitt, Lynne Roberts, Radha Bisnauth
Ranjit Chall, Sukhminder Kaur, Grainne Fadden
Jayne Aston, Jill Dale
Ros Keeton, Tony Gillam

Team shots

Delegates (left to right, upper row to lower row) Photo
The Meriden Team: Past & Present
Sam Farooq, Peter Woodhams, Martin Atchison, Becky Heelis, Grainne Fadden, Paula Conneely, Alison Corns, Marie Crofts, Michelle Palmer, Radha Bisnauth, Maria Albanese, Steven Cox
Grainne Fadden, Lady Mayoress of Solihull, Martin Atchison, Karen Martin, The Mayor of Solihull, Neil Deuchar
West Midlands Care Services Improvement Partnership
David Shiers, Alistair McIntyre
The Meriden Team: Past & Present
Michelle Palmer, Maria Albanese, Becky Heelis, Peter Woodhams, The Lady Mayoress of Solihull, Grainne Fadden, Martin Atchison, The Mayor of Solihull, Steven Cox, Alison Corns, Marie Crofts,  (seated) Sam Farooq, Paula Conneely, Radha Bisnauth
The Worcestershire Team
Hal Arksey, Dave Simpson, Pete Jordan, Jan Vine, Lady Mayoress, The Mayor, Tony Gillam, Ros Keeton, Grainne Fadden, Simon Cox, (front row) Alison Tomkotowicz,  Pauline Arksey, Trudy Hardiman, Caroline Godber, Caroline Chambers,
Colin Campbell, David Soley, Judi Jeavons, Colin Merker, The Mayor, The Lady Mayoress, Grainne Fadden, Catherine Gamble
Representatives from Wales
Susan Major, The Lady Mayoress, Peter Cooper, The Mayor, Grainne Fadden, Julian Pitt, Lynne Roberts
CSIP West Midlands
The Lady Mayoress, Ranjit Senghera, The Mayor, Alistair McIntyre, Grainne Fadden
Dr Grainne Fadden, Nancy Falloon, The Mayor, The Lady Mayoress, Rebecca Falloon
The Worcestershire Team
Alison Tomkotowicz, Pete Jordan, Tony Gillam, Caroline Chambers, Dave Simpson, George Gladden, Jan Vine, Ros Keeton, Michele Gladden, Pauline Arksey, Caroline Godber, Trudy Hardiman


Delegates (left to right, upper row to lower row) Photo
The Wolverhampton Carers Award
Peter Woodhams, Vishal Bains, Heather Sarhanigan
The Birmingham & Solihull Carers Award
Louisa Alderson, The Mayor, Julia Smith
The Sandwell Carers Award
The Mayor, Robert Peumalu
The Worcestershire Carers Award
Tony Gillam, The Mayor, Michele Gladden and George Gladden,
A Special Award, Waterside Team, Evesham, Worcestershire
Jan Vine, The Mayor, Caroline Godber, Caroline Chambers, Alison Tomkotowicz, Dave Simpson
The Herefordshire Carers Award
Clive Appleby, The Mayor
The South Warwickshire Carers Award
Susan Croasdell, Ranjit Chall, The Mayor, Sukhminder Kaur
The Stoke/North Staffordshire Carers Award
Joanne Farrell, David Farrell, Jayne Aston, The Mayor, Jill Dale
The South Warwickshire Carers Award
Sukhminder Kaur, Ranjit Chall, The Mayor, Susan Croasdell
Highly Commended: The Cornwall Family Intervention Service
Kim Bowen-Jones, Nancy Falloon, Fiona Chisholm
Highly Commended: The Worcestershire Early Intervention Service
Tony Gillam, Nancy Falloon
The Ian Falloon Award Winners: The ACT Service – Education & Support for Families
Julian Pitt, Lynne Roberts, Nancy Falloon
Louisa Alderson, Julia Smith (Birmingham & Solihull MH Foundation Trust)
Julian Pitt, Lynne Roberts (The ACT Service, Wales)
Fiona Chisholm, Kim Bowen-Jones
Regional Carers Award Winners
Ranjit Chall, Sukhminder Kaur, Susan Croasdell
Regional Carers award Winners with Ranjit Senghera, CSIP West Midlands
Ranjit Senghera, Ranjit Chall, David Soley, Sukhminder Kaur, Susan Croasdell