Meriden at 13 Years

About the Meriden West Midlands Family Programme

The following maps describe the levels of training undertaken by Meriden over the past 13 years, since its conception in 1998. The areas of influence have been broken down into geographical areas. Figures in blue represent the numbers of people trained in the Behavioural Family Therapy approach by the Meriden Programme, and the figures in red represent the numbers of Trainers/supervisors trained in the approach.

The first 2 maps give a global and UK perspective, while the local maps show a breakdown according to specific localities within the UK. At the time of completion, these maps represented a total 4358 people trained.

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The Global Influence of the Meriden Programme

The Influence of the Meriden Programme across the British Isles

Breakdown of Trainee and Trainer Figures by UK locality

East Midlands

East of England



North West England


South East England

South West England


West Midlands

Yorkshire & the Humber